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Return of the Triad is a revival of the legendary mod Rise of the Triad. With it, you can enjoy the original game from the mid-nineties, now adapted for more modern computers. Best of all, it's totally free.

Return of the Triad has all the elements that made the original game so popular: the same weapons, the same enemies, the same special modes, the same psychedelic scenarios with moving walls, and so on. It's all included.

This version of the game has two campaign mode episodes with a total of nine different levels. You can also play in multiplayer mode either online or through a local network.

Return of the Triad is a fun first-person action game. It has kept all the best parts of Rise of the Triad, now adapted for modern computers. You can also select higher resolutions and do some other fancy things that you couldn't do before.

Requires the latest version of SVN Zdoom

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